Salesforce Engineer Relocates from Hyderabad to Dublin and Makes a Big Impact

“One of the secrets to accomplishing more and having more success lies in how we choose to begin each and every day,” advises Thrive Global writer Dr. Sharon Ufberg.

Salesforce Network Operations Engineer Tejaswi Attota follows many of Dr. Ufberg’s best practices, like practicing gratitude. For most of her life, Tejaswi has started her morning at 5 a.m., helping her mother fix the morning meal, clean the house, and sit for prayers. This routine prepared Tejaswi for the rest of her day.

“It had been our tradition since childhood. I missed it if something came up where I couldn’t participate.”

These morning rituals invited success into Tejaswi’s life. After visiting Dublin on a vacation, Tejaswi dreamed of relocating from Hyderabad. And one day this opportunity emerged.


Tejaswi Attot in the kitchen with her mother


Ready for a Change

When Tejaswi saw an opening in Ireland for the same role she held in India, she immediately connected with her manager. He encouraged her to apply. Over the course of several days, she also discussed the pros and cons with her family. They were supportive as well.

“I was excited, but I didn’t want to jump into such a big change,” reflects Tejaswi. “My family felt I should go for it if I thought it was a good opportunity.”


Tejaswi exploring Dublin


After a thorough interview process, Tejaswi was offered the job and an exciting opportunity to move around the world. From there things moved quickly. She was in constant touch with the internal recruitment and relocation teams. And she took a five-day preview trip to learn more about Dublin and look for places to live.

“The recruitment team was extremely helpful and quick. When I joined Salesforce in Hyderabad, the entire hiring process was complete in only 10 days. Taking on a new role in Dublin, the process was just as smooth.”

Since moving to Dublin, Tejaswi’s morning routine has changed, though she’s still an early riser.

“I wake up around 6 a.m. I take a walk or workout, and call home. Prayer is still a part of my morning routine and, since I only live about 20 minutes away, I walk to work.”

Before the pandemic required sheltering in place, Tejaswi spent her weekends exploring Ireland. Now, she says with a smile, “I’m catching up on indoor hobbies like playing guitar and enjoying the beautiful view from my apartment.”


Network Operations: Keeping the Lights On

Network operations engineers manage the availability of production services. They monitor, prioritize, and troubleshoot events in real-time 24 hours a day, so Salesforce can meet its service level agreements with customers. Engineers work with internal and external business units. And, they’re constantly exposed to emerging technologies, which expands their ability to support business goals throughout the Salesforce ecosystem.

“When an incident occurs, such as a network outage or wireless failure, our team handles notifying stakeholders,” shares Tejaswi. “We’ll triage the incident ourselves or, if needed, we call in other resources to handle it. In the case of a severe problem, we become the incident manager.”

The hardest problems for Network Operations to address are those that originate with an outside vendor.

“You can’t resolve vendor outages yourself,” states Tejaswi. “We keep in constant contact with the vendor and try to come up with workarounds to lessen the impact on our employees and customers.”

Tejaswi and her team are the heroes behind a connected, global, and virtual workforce.


The Path to Growth Through Volunteering

Before Tejaswi joined Salesforce, she was an enthusiastic volunteer. She and her college classmates would go to schools and orphanages to teach and help the children prepare for their exams.

Once she’d been in Salesforce for a while, she realized that while Salesforce offers plenty of avenues to expand technical and job-related skills, the company also valued personal growth through volunteer work.

“Salesforce truly believes in giving back. My team in Hyderabad partnered with Cherish, a local non-profit that supports orphans.”

And they’ve made quite an impact on Cherish. Her team built and painted new classrooms. They’ve also donated bicycles to help kids who moved to a different school and needed transportation.

“We work one-on-one with the kids to teach good habits,” reflects Tejaswi. “Seeing the kids implementing what we shared with them brings us joy.”

Volunteering is another part of Tejaswi’s life that changed after moving to Dublin. Initially, she was worried her lack of familiarity with local causes would put her at a disadvantage. But a monthly volunteering calendar revealed plenty of opportunities for service.

“I’ve had so much fun volunteering since I moved to Dublin. I’m a regular member of the Citywise Mentorship Program, a learning center for kids. I was part of Dublin Pride in 2019. I was grateful for the opportunity at Barretstown, a non-profit that helps children battling cancer and other serious diseases.”

Salesforce believes that changing the world is everybody’s business. Together we can be a platform for social change.


Tejaswi volunteering at a garden in Dublin


Searching for Opportunity? Look Around You!

Having made the move from Hyderabad to Dublin, Tejaswi understands that taking on a new role or moving to a new city can be intimidating as well as exciting. She offers some thoughtful advice.

  • Talk to your manager when you’re considering a change. Salesforce provides a great platform for that. Explain how you feel and why you might want to change roles or locations.
  • Your peers are also a great resource. Not just those on your team but in other areas of the company as well. So, use your network and keep building it.
  • Tap into educational resources around you. Tejaswi recommends skilling up with Trailhead, Salesforce’s free on-demand learning platform.

In Tejaswi’s words, “be true to yourself and open to change.” Anything is possible.

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Editor’s Note: Tejaswi Attota is now Manager, Site Reliability Operations