16 Sales Influencers You Should Know

Salespeople know that to level up, you sometimes have to look sideways and learn from your peers. And social media is where some of the best sellers convene to push the community forward, sharing their challenges and successes along the way. To help you sift through a sea of talent, we’ve compiled a by-no-means exhaustive list of our favorite sales influencers to follow.

You might recognize some of these faces. Others might be unfamiliar. But all are worth your time – with the experiences and perspectives to help you take the next step in your sales career.


sales influencers ashley zagst

Ashley Zagst

SDR Team Lead, Chili Piper, Portland, Oregon

Why you should follow Ashley: Ashley uses her platform to speak up about the challenges and opportunities of #SDRlife and creates spaces to hold difficult conversations about diversity in sales. Previously, she helped build a community for sales pros at Bravado. Follow her on LinkedIn.

Pro-tip: Control your day. Be ruthless with your time. If you block time for calls, then make the calls. If you block time for prospecting, prospect.


belal batrawy sales influencers

Belal Batrawy

Founder, Death to Fluff, Atlanta, Georgia

Why you should follow Belal: He’s received industry awards for sales thought leadership including the Salesloft REVstar Award, AngelList A-Lister, and Crunchbase Sales Leaders to Follow. Belal has been one of the first sales hires at seven different startups, including an IPO, an acquisition, and a Fortune unicorn. Follow him on LinkedIn.

Pro-tip: Map your sales process to the universal buyer’s journey. Make it about them, not you.


cynthia barnes sales influencers

Cynthia Barnes

Founder and CEO, National Association of Women Sales Professionals, Detroit, Michigan

Why you should follow Cynthia: She created THRIVE™ Success Strategies for Women in Sales, which is the first sales training created specifically for women. Cynthia also has appeared in more than 250 major media outlets, including Forbes and the Wall Street Journal. Follow her on LinkedIn.

Pro-tip: Get to know your customer like you would your best friend. When you put all of your focus on their core needs and desires, you’re essentially saying, “You’re important to me, and I value you.”


sales influencers galem girmay

Galem Girmay

Sales Executive, GoContractor, London, United Kingdom

Why you should follow Galem: She co-founded RevGenius, and hosts the What Is Your Legacy? podcast. Galem helps construction companies register, train, and manage their workers and subcontractors online. She has a special place in her heart for women in sales, and for underdogs everywhere. Follow her on LinkedIn.

Pro-tip: Document everything, review, edit, and try again. Set clear individual goals that tie into larger company objectives. To assess how you got there, track your accomplishments, big and small.

Focus more on the prospect and their problems than you do on your product.



sales influencers john barrows

John Barrows

CEO, JB Sales, Boston, Massachusetts

Why you should follow John: He provides sales training and consulting services to some of the world’s fastest-growing companies like Salesforce, Google, LinkedIn, and Slack. John is also the coauthor of an Amazon bestseller children’s book, “I Want to be in Sales When I Grow Up,” that he wrote with his daughter. Follow him on LinkedIn.

Pro-tip: You should A/B split test everything you do to find out what approaches work best for you.


sales influencers Kevin Dorsey

Kevin “KD” Dorsey

VP of Sales, Patientpop, Austin, Texas

Why you should follow KD: KD has a special understanding of how to scale sales teams and how to motivate people, as demonstrated by his past experience building teams from zero to 150-plus reps and revenue from 0 to $75 million (and counting). Follow him on LinkedIn.

Pro-tip: Focus more on the prospect and their problems than you do on your product.


inclusive working parents

Larry Long, Jr.

Director of Collegiate Sales, Teamworks; Founder LLJR Enterprises, Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina

Why you should follow Larry: He has over 20 years of sales experience, over 15 years of sales leadership experience, and expertise in anything that involves sales training, team development, leadership, or motivation within organizations of all stages. Follow him on LinkedIn.

Pro-tip: Story-selling is critical! Interview your top three to five current clients. Record it to formulate a success story that can be shared with prospects.


sales influencers lindsey boggs

Lindsey Boggs

Sales Development Manager, Citrix, Raleigh, North Carolina

Why you should follow Lindsey: As an accomplished sales leader recognized by LinkedIn, Forbes, and Sales Hacker, Lindsey has held workshops for companies like Oracle, IBM, and SAP to help with prospecting, social selling, and personal branding. Now, she oversees a sales development team at Citrix. Lindsey is very passionate about mental health and co-founded a non-profit called UNCrushed.org. Follow her on LinkedIn.

Pro-tip: Make sure your LinkedIn profile is optimized for a positive experience for a customer or prospect. People want to buy from people, not salespeople.


sales influencers lori richardson

Lori Richardson

President, Women Sales Pros; CEO Score More Sales, Boston, Massachusetts

Why you should follow Lori: Sales Hacker, Top Sales World, and Forbes say she is a thought leader in the sales space. Beyond her 30-year history of selling hundreds of millions of dollars worth of products and services in a variety of verticals, she is a leader in the movement for a more diverse sales force. Follow her on LinkedIn.

Pro-tip: If you want to connect with someone whether it’s on LinkedIn or elsewhere, you need to add value to the interaction by showing how you can help them. Focus on others first, which I abbreviate as the “FOOF” factor.


sales influencers nikki ivey

Nikki Ivey

Marketing Communications Manager, Emtrain, Jacksonville, Florida

Why you should follow Nikki: She is a founding member of several sales communities, including Sales For The Culture and SDR Defenders, which are aimed at democratizing access to the B2B tech sales profession. Follow her on LinkedIn.

Pro-tip: Subscribe to content that your ICP (ideal customer profile) subscribes to. This shift was a game changer for me. I became a more authentic, empathetic, and effective seller.

Sales professionals are inundated with distractions from social media, Slack, email, etc. Learn to block out the noise.



sales influencers niraj kapur

Niraj Kapur

Sales Coach and LinkedIn Trainer, Everybody Works in Sales, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Why you should follow Niraj: After 23 years running sales teams for some of London’s most successful businesses, Niraj wrote the Amazon Top 20 book, “Everybody Works in Sales” to raise the standards of sales. Follow him on LinkedIn.

Pro-tip: Sales is a skill that needs to be learned, so you have to be learning and taking action every day.


marcus chang sales influencers

Marcus Chan

Founder and President, Venli Consulting Group, Portland, Oregon

Why you should follow Marcus: Prior to becoming a consultant and sales coach, Marcus was in corporate America for 14 years, where he delivered more than $700 million in sales contracts. In that time, he worked for two Fortune 500 organizations and was promoted 10 times in 10 years. In his last role, he was a multiple President’s Club award-winning director leading a sales force of over 100 employees. He’s also been featured in Forbes, Yahoo! Finance, and MarketWatch. Follow him on LinkedIn.

Pro-tip: Sales professionals are inundated with distractions from social media, Slack, email, etc. Learn to block out the noise.

Review your sales conversations the way an athlete reviews their game tape. Be critical. Tweak what’s not working, and iterate on what is. Then, as you refine, put what’s working into play via a solid selling process.



sales influencers richard harris

Richard Harris

Founder and CEO, The Harris Consulting Group, San Francisco, California

Why you should follow Richard: He has more than 20 years in SaaS experience and believes in the 4 P’s of sales: process, planning, people, and performance. His clients include Zoom, Google Cloud, PagerDuty, DoorDash, Salesloft, and Gainsight and is co-founder for Surf & Sales. Follow him on LinkedIn.

Pro-tip: Know that there is a big difference between following a script and sounding scripted.


sales influencers sarah brazier

Sarah Brazier

Account Executive, Gong, San Francisco, California

Why you should follow Sarah: She’s a founding coach at SDR Nation, a Presidents Club Winner at Gong, and a nationally awarded speaker. Sarah doesn’t claim to be a sales expert, but she does document her selling experience to provide real-world tips from her time in the field. Follow her on LinkedIn.

Pro-tip: Review your sales conversations the way an athlete reviews their game tape. Be critical. Tweak what’s not working, and iterate on what is. Then, as you refine, put what’s working into play via a solid selling process.


sales influencers scott leese

Scott Leese

Scott Leese Consulting/Surf and Sales/Thursday Night Sales, Austin, Texas

Why you should follow Scott: He is a six-time startup sales leader and author of “Addicted to the Process” and “From Rep to Manager.” Qualia, the last company he was a senior vice president of sales for, recently hit an almost $2 billion valuation. Follow him on LinkedIn.

Pro-tip: Shrinking the delta between idea and action will improve your self-confidence. Actions > words.


sales influencers tiffani bova

Tiffani Bova

SVP, Global Growth Evangelist, Salesforce, Los Angeles

Why you should follow Tiffani: She was named one of Inc.’s 37 Sales Experts You Need to Follow on Twitter. Her book “GROWTH IQ: Get Smarter About the Choices that Will Make or Break Your Business” was a Wall Street Journal bestseller. Follow her on LinkedIn.

Pro-tip: Understand what has changed in customer expectations since the beginning of the pandemic so that you can become more responsive to future needs. Also, pay attention to the customers you already have.

Tiffani Bova recently joined WITI for the 27th Annual Summit — tune into her session “How Customer Experience Will Shape the Future of Tech,” here.